What is a Record Suspension?

Record Suspension formally known as Pardons are issued by the Federal Government of Canada. A pardon allows individuals with a past criminal offence to have their criminal record kept separate and apart from other criminal records. Once your pardon is granted, any search done on (CPIC) Canadian Police Information Centre will not show any record of your past convictions. Therefore, you are free to get that new job opportunity, job promotion, or better yet continue your education which you couldn’t in the past because it required a clear criminal record check.

How would I know if I am eligible to apply for a Pardon?

Simple if you have a criminal conviction, you were arrested, went to court and got a disposition sentence, you are eligible to apply for a Pardon. If you have a non-conviction record that is creating difficulties in your life such as your job, potential job promotion, or continuing education you must apply for a File Destruction.

Each individuals case is different depending on the criminal conviction(s) people must wait 5 – 10 years until after the individual completes the sentence ordered by the court. These conditions may include fines and restitutions to be paid to the court as well as parole or probation.

Why get a Pardon?

Getting a Pardon not only gives you peace of mind that finally you can start a new life but also it can grant you many benefits such as: The possibility of getting an amazing new job or promotion that pays really well and can give you and your family a secure future. Many potential employers now require a criminal record check. Other reasons to get a Pardon: Getting into better school college programs, Immigration purposes, Volunteer opportunities, Adoption purposes and much more.

A criminal record is a serious matter that should be taken care of by professionals. Canada Pardon Waiver case workers will guide you through every step of the way. As soon as you sign up with us our caseworkers begin working on your case immediately. you will receive full initial instructions the same day you apply. We keep track of all steps relating to your case and keep you informed updated each stage of the application process. Our service is fast, friendly, and confidential.

Process Time Frame

Depending on the offence(s) the entire service process may take from 8-12 months to complete. In some cases, it could take longer from 6 months to up to 2 years. Each case is different and the process time frame could take less or more. *Please contact us for toll free 1-877-343-2550 for a free consultation to discuss your case, time frame and options.