Canada Pardon Waiver (CPW) is an organization that assists individuals in completing the process of a Record Suspension/Pardon application. We at CPW assist in the process of removing past criminal convictions from public view. CPW and its professional case workers are here to help you with all the required steps in the process and guide you every step of the way. If you have tried to travel to USA and your entry was denied, we also assist in the process of obtaining a U.S. Entry Waiver.

There could be many reasons why you need a criminal record removed from public view. The biggest reason is for job purposes. Whether it is to get a new job opportunity that requires a clear criminal record check or simply new rules from a company you have been working for that now requires a criminal record check. Canada Pardon Waiver is here to help you with the process of getting a fast Pardon.

Many people have made mistakes in their lives, a Pardon gives you hope in starting a new life. It is often difficult to always know that you had a criminal past. Most individuals had committed offences very early on in their lives and are now ready to forget the past and live a normal life. By removing your criminal record, you are giving yourself a chance to start fresh and become a positive member to society.

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